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February 3, 2010

Atlanta, GA – Harmony Kubiak knows jewelry, and isn’t afraid to design it.  The New Orleans native, now in Atlanta, has perfected the art of making, and selling, the most unique and modern jewelry of our time.  Her style is metal meets vintage, naughty meets Victorian.  Kubiak uses only the finest of ingredients to create the perfect piece of jewelry: Swarovski Crystals, Czech glass, Olivine Quartz, and Lucite mingled with brass and other metals are all prevalent in her designs.  Don’t be surprised when you find a “vintage” or “art nouveau” chain or charm dangling from your necklace or earrings; Kubiak uses them copiously.

Kubiak’s 100% hand-made jewelry is heavily influenced by nature and the elements, with edginess unmatched in the world of jewelry design. jewelry pieces appeal to the angst ridden teenager in all of us but also to the most refined and regal mother or grandmother, all at an affordable price.  Kubiak admits she looks at other designers’ pieces and gets some inspiration from them.  She knows what they “should” look like and makes her own vision come to life in her designs.  Interestingly, Kubiak has used “broken” pieces of jewelry found from junk yards or antique stores and loves her “Green Way” of handcrafting. “The best way is just playing with different pieces together & seeing what happens in the end. I’ve also purchased missing parts/broken jewelry from stores and taken them apart to re-create something new – my green way of designing” states Kubiak.

To top it off, the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings arrive to the customer in the most unique packaging; Gourmet Gift Wrapping available to make the jewelry’s arrival to you or your loved one even more special.  The Gourmet Gift Wrapping changes with the seasons and will be personalized for the occasion; ordering something for your mother on her birthday will be different than an order for Valentine’s Day.  Gourmet Gift Wrapping for Mother’s Day includes vintage boxes, fresh-cut roses, ribbon, and a sweet little card.

Harmony Kubiak is a native of New Orleans, LA who left the Big Easy after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Jewelry, make-up, and fashion have always been her passion; her creativity and individuality is best represented in her designs. She came up with the name Heart-Pounder from the feeling of seeing something you really love and feel you must have it. “OMG!  I’ve got to have that necklace!!!” and your heart “pounds” for it.  Not only has Kubiak conquered the jewelry design business but she is a freelance make-up artist serving clients all over America.  Kubiak was the key make-up artist for the movie The Fat Boy Chronicles which will be opening soon.