Press Release – Carmel’s Dance Wear (Short Release)

Media Contact: Bryan R. Clarey

504 460 2309



July 13, 2012

Carmel’s Dance Wear in Metairie is celebrating its annual “Back to School” sale starting Monday August 13th, 2012 and ending Saturday September 29th, 2012. The dance wear store has been in business for decades and has catered to the dance instruction community with personal, one on one, pointe shoe fittings, as well as dance attire and accessories.  The sale will offer 15% off entire purchases during these dates and operating hours will be extended throughout August and September.

Carmel’s Dance Wear carries a wide variety of pointe shoes including Russian Pointe, Gaynor Minden, Bloch, Fuzi, and more; jazz shoes, tap shoes, leotards, tights, etc. and anything else needed for dance school uniforms, for children and adults.  In addition, Carmel’s staff is knowledgeable in pointe shoe fitting, which is of the utmost importance to guarantee no injuries will result when someone dances on pointe.

Carmel’s also has a long-lasting relationship with many local and “not so local” dancing schools. Each school is contacted before the sale, making sure the correct merchandise is in stock and ensuring the uniforms are what the dance companies require their students to wear.  The owner, Mindy Carrigee is not only a permanent fixture in the store but she’s also an alumnus from NOCCA and Labourdette. Carrigee has competed in numerous dance competitions throughout her dance career, throughout the United States.  All of the staff is ready to help with any questions or concerns customers may have regarding dance uniform needs.  Gifts for that special dancer are available for purchase, as well.

Check out their Facebook page by searching “Carmel’s Dance Wear Metairie” or give them a call at 504 457 0101.  This “Back to School” sale is always a success (Saturdays being the busiest), so don’t miss out on saving a ton of money; 15% off an entire purchase is a substantial savings during these lean economic times.  On top of the savings, Carmel’s participates in a program, year round, called “loyalty points” that will add up in “personal store accounts” on purchases during the year and during the sale (but they can only be redeemed during non-sale times).  They add up quickly and provide some extra savings customers can enjoy later on in the year!


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