Press Release – Recirculating Farms Coalition

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 Media & Member Contact:

 Bryan R. Clarey     

                                                                  504 460 2309 

Recirculating Farms Coalition

5721 Magazine Street #191

New Orleans, LA 70115

Phone 813 785 8386

Fax 813 774 6595


The Recirculating Farms Coalition is a 501c3 that supports building eco-friendly farms using clean recycled water to grow local, accessible, fresh food and create stable green jobs. These farms are already present at the Rouses in the CBD and Hollygrove Market. The coalition, started by Executive Director Marianne Cufone, Esq. believes access to local, fresh fruits and vegetables and promoting the revolutionary hydroponic, aquaculture, and aquaponic methods of growing food in any environment is a viable solution. The promotion of stable green jobs is another bonus. Education, community outreach, and research, are paramount to the success of the Coalition.  The main goal is to make healthy and fresh food available to everyone, no matter where they live.

Recirculating Farms promote an ecologically friendly method of raising fish and plants without threat of harm to the environment or human health.  There are no antibiotics or chemicals used in these farms. Also, there is nominal “carbon footprints” involved with these methods of farming because the food is grown where it will be eaten, instead of transported thousands of miles as in conventional farming. In addition, Recirculating Farms are not connected to any natural waterways, meaning the threat of pollution to water or the escape of the farm raised fish is not an issue.  Indeed, the current and unsustainable method of farming fish in oceans presents the same negative consequences being realized with concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and factory farms.  The waste and disease is a problem for them, but not for Recirculating Farms.  This method is popping up all over the globe and Cufone chose New Orleans as the home base because of its love of food!

Recirculating Farms Coalition will participate in several charitable events including a “Fresh Food Drive”, as well as educating farmers, fishermen, foodies, bartenders, servers, and chefs on the benefits of using the recirculating farming method, and many other charitable endeavors. The organization’s members will work in solidarity with one another to achieve these goals and celebrate during Mardi Gras with a parade, “Cru Di Te” ( a play on the vegetable appetizer tray).  This will not only raise awareness of recirculating farms but will allow members to promote the need for recirculating farms, in a fun and exciting way, and typical of New Orleans culture.  Memberships are for anyone involved in the local food, farming, fishing, restaurant, bar, grocery store industry, etc.  All inquiries can be directed to Bryan @ or Marianne @                                  Follow on Twitter: @Recircfarms or on Facebook:


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