Press Release – Restaurant Fire Grayton Beach FL.

 Grayton Beach, FL

Media Contact:  Bryan R. Clarey

504 460 2309

                                                                                      Restaurant Fire

 55 Clayton Lane

 Grayton Beach, FL 32459

 850 231 9020


October 20, 2009

FIRE and Executive Chef Celebrate 2 years on the Emerald Coast!

Grayton Beach, FL – Executive Chef Carl Schaubhut is a 27 year old New Orleans native and coming from a Cajun French and Italian background, he literally grew up in the kitchen.  With a very large extended family of cooks, some even published, the kitchen was always the gathering spot for the family.  He attended Louisiana State University, graduating with a degree in business management, with an entrepreneurship concentration.  Aspiring to go to culinary school, he began working in various restaurants in the Baton Rouge area, while teaching himself culinary arts and gaining food knowledge.

After LSU, Carl wanted to understand the restaurant business fully and worked in the front of the house under Chef Tom Wolfe, then owner of Wolfe’s of New Orleans and now Peristyle, and Wolfe’s in the Warehouse.  He gained a plethora of wine, food, and fine dining knowledge and then opened Fire in New Orleans in 2005, under then Chef Sunny Groom, formerly of the St. Supery Winery in Napa, CA.

After hurricane Katrina, Carl once again opened Fire and he and the staff helped revive a restaurant and a city, being one of the first restaurants open after the storm.  With a faltering neighborhood and a great opportunity in Grayton Beach, Florida, Carl opened Fire for a third time as Executive Chef. The chef’s cuisine is inspired by the many cultures and cuisines he has been a part of growing up in a diverse city such as New Orleans.  His food has been described as casual fine dining, American contemporary.  Chef Carl strives to incorporate different types of ingredients, cuisines, and techniques, along with freshness and locality, in all the dishes he designs.  He is young, full of passion, and continues to grow.  Carl and the rest of the staff at Fire are thrilled to be entering their 3rd year of business on the Emerald Coast.


“The minute you stop learning is the minute you stop cooking.” 


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